Investment Overview

JD Capital has numerous RMB and USD funds under management. As of June 30, 2022, the total assets under management(AUM) are RMB 60 billion, invested in 367 companies in mainland China, with more than RMB 34 billion investment cost. Among all the invested companies, 216 investments have been fully exited, in which 88 went public, accumulated around RMB 46 billion in return, with an average 2.44x multiple and 23.96% IRR.

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is mainly focused on minority share investment, with supplementary merger and acquisition opportunities. We invest in high-quality enterprises in consumer,healthcare, advanced manufacturing sectors in mainland China. JD Capital has established a professional investment team in various industry segments, and has completed a large number of successful investments.

Investment Approaches

JD Capital adopted a top-down deal sourcing strategy and implemented a stringent risk management model to capture growth opportunities across Chinese market.

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