Project Financing

Small and medium-sized startup companies or growing enterprises in all industries are welcome to submit information on project financing and we will give you feedback as soon as possible.

Information submitted shall include basic information and project details.

Basic information:name, gender, position, phone number, e-mail, etc.

Project details: project name, locality, present phase, industry/sector, main businesses, net profit, previous financing information, title of business plan, business plan, etc.

Contacts:   Miss Wang
Tel:    +86-10-56570811

Products Inquiry

We have developed close and sustained cooperation relationships with investors around the globe, both high net worth individuals and various investment institutions. Such diversity of investors guarantees long-term and stable sources of capital for JD, which is a solid basis for us to offer rich returns to investors.

Throughout the fund operation process from financing, we provide investors with the latest and accurate information via regular reports, investors’ meeting, timely communication and one on one consultation.

Contacts:    Miss Qi
Tel:    +86-10-56570933

Media Contacts

Contacts:    Miss Wang


Tel:    +86-10-56570999

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General Contacts

Service Hotline   +86-4001-600053  


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