JD Capital Wins PE Firm of the Year 2016


On April 12, 2017, the 11th ChinaVenture Conference & Annual Summit, hosted by ChinaVenture Information and co-hosted by ChinaVenture.com, opened in Shanghai. During the meeting the Annual Ranking of PE Firms in China was released, the first place going to JD Capital for the second time in a roll.Dta威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

JD Capital has been ranking among the top ten PE firms on this annual ranking since 2009, and topping the list in 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016. Besides winning “PE Firm of the Year 2016”, JD Capital has also pocketed “PE Investment Team of the Year 2016”, “Top 10 Most Rewarding PE Firms 2016” and “Top 50 Chinese PE Firms 2016”.Dta威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

Themed with “Investment Evolutionism”, the 11th ChinaVenture Conference & Annual Summit gathers leaders from hundreds of investment firms, financial institutions and industry leading companies, for discussions over the latest trend in China’s investment industry. Cai Lei, president of JD Capital, made a keynote speech on the meeting.Dta威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

Focused on value investing, JD Capital has, by leveraging on its investment and value enhancement expertise, helped increase the value of many companies and brought about rich returns for investors over the years. In 2016, the PE sector came to its third development phase, the great era for merger and acquisition. As a professional PE firm, JD Capital has been adhering to the concepts of innovation and cooperation. In the new macro-economic situation, JD Capital will, in compliance with the investment principle of “stability + progress, value + initiative, China + world, and finance + industries,” continue to make use of its advantages in businesses and resources to assist in local economic reformation and upgrading and pursue innovation and win-win benefits with its partners.Dta威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业


About ChinaVentureDta威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

Founded in 2015, CVINFO (ChinaVenture Information) is headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen. As a leading PE service institution in China, CVINFO provides professional and multilevel products and services to its clients, including financial data, research consulting, media news, trading platform, event organization, financial training, etc. The great track record of CVINFO over the years has won it brand prestige and wide recognition in the industry. Down the road, CVINFO will continue to play an active part in boosting the prosperity of China’s PE investment market.Dta威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

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