JD Capital Awarded “Top PE Firm of the Year 2015”


The 15th China Venture Capital & Private Equity Investment Annual Forum, sponsored by the Zero2IPO Group, was held in Beijing from December 1 to 4. Representatives of various industries gathered to discuss the changes of the investment industry over the last 15 years.5Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

In the released “2015 China Venture Capital & Private Equity Annual Ranking” , JD Capital was awarded the “PE Firm of the Year 2015”. Meanwhile, JD’s partner Cai Lei was recognized as the “PE Capitalist of the Year 2015”. As of now, JD Capital has ranked among the “Top 10 PE Institutional Investors” for seven consecutive years. At this forum, a total of nine awards were pocketed by JD Capital (The lists attached below).5Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

JD Capital, focusing on value investing, has been dedicated to enhancing the value of entity enterprises and bringing more benefits to its investors. In recent years, China’s economy develops in the new normal and the industrial structure undergoes continuous upgrading. Amid such circumstances as well as the advancement of marketization and the popularization of the idea “innovation by the people & innovation by all”, China’s PE investment market is welcoming new opportunities.5Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

In the future, JD Capital will commit more investment efforts to boost innovation and optimize social resources allocation. 5Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

Awards to institutional and individuals5Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

1. PE Firm of the Year 2015 (Mainland, HK, Macao, TW included)5Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

2.PE Firm of the Year 2015 (Mainland) 5Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

3. Active PE Firm of the Year 20155Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

4. PE Capitalist of the Year 20155Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

Awards for investment cases and projects 5Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

1. Top 10 VC/PE Firms in Internet Finance of the Year 20155Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

2. Top 10 VC/PE Firms in Healthcare of the Year 20155Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

3. Top 10 VC/PE Firms in Consumer of the Year 20155Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

4. Top 10 VC/PE Firms in New Agriculture of the Year 20155Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

5. Top 50 Investment Value Award for Listed Companies 2015 (Wutong Wealth Management)5Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

The “2015 China Venture Capital & Private Equity Annual Ranking” conducted by Zero2IPO Group has had a history of 15 years. It is widely recognized in the investment sector for its independence, impartiality and objectivity and has become a barometer showing yearly performance of investment institutions, serving as an important reference for VC/PE enterprises in their fund-raising and investment. The ranking, based on an inspection of several aspects including financing, investing, management and exit, takes into consideration the important indicators such as capital amount under management, fund raising quantity, numbers of investment cases, capital amount of investment, numbers of exit cases and the overall return rate, to name just a few. The weight of each indicator is adjusted with changing realities, so as to objectively reflect the performance of China’s angel investment, venture capital and private equity investment.5Jb威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业


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