Hongqi Chain to Be Listed on SZEX SME Board


According to the CSRC's evening announcement on May 4th, Chengdu Hongqi Chain Co., Ltd. (“Hongqi Chain” for short) has passed the review of CSRC IPO Examination Committee. Another enterprise invested by Jiuding Capital is about to be listed in the A-share market. E9X威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

The prospectus shows that Hongqi Chain is to issue 50,000,000 shares, accounting for 25 % of post-issuance general capital (200,000,000 shares). Hongqi Chain is to be listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.E9X威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

Hongqi Chain is a commercial chain enterprise with the largest scale in Western China, integrating chain operation, logistics and e-commerce. Current commodities include foods, cigarettes and wine, and daily necessities, with nearly 15,000 single products. So far, Hongqi Chain has nearly 700 long-term suppliers, 3 large-sized logistics centers, 1,126 direct-sale stores, and 4 franchised stores.E9X威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业

In 2011, Hongqi Chain realized the sales revenue of 3.448 billion yuan, with the total profit of 201 million yuan and the net profit of 170 million yuan. E9X威尼斯欢乐娱人成app(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市企业


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